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Terry's Diary

Our Liz.
March 1952 - November 2013

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Monday 13th January.

I have been doing well, but largely I think by keeping busy. The documentation for getting probate on Lizís will has taken a fair bit of time but is now pretty much complete, and I have been doing some holiday planning Ė which usually cheers me up. My carers come every day in the week, and I have been out for meals with friends and family so I do get some human contact every day.

The weekend just gone was not too good though. On Saturday night a family from across the road, who had recently spent time in New York, came round for a takeaway with Julia and family. The idea was that we would pick their brains for stuff to do there when we go later in the year. That was a great success, but entertaining without Liz felt odd Ė Julia said they all felt the same Ė and left me feeling very down. I also made a couple of social gaffs over the weekend - which Liz would have prevented - and that has been making things worse. Plus, with no one to put these things in perspective they grow out of all proportion so they seem worse with each day that passes.

Feeling down lasted all through Sunday and is still with me. Itís a lovely day outside but I donít know what to do with it. I have to go out briefly tomorrow, and I am going to see the solicitor on Wednesday so perhaps that will help.

Trying to look forward, but still very much missing my Liz.