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Some of these are current, and the inlay shots from school days are mostly taken from the school photograph of 1959. (But I couldn't find Dick Meades - I still expect him to have his beard and moustache on.)

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A Preston Manor school outing.

When? Rita Sullivan (née Morgan) "......the possible date of the photo, it would have been 1961 or more likely 1962 as you all look older and taller than I remember and I left in 1960."

Where were we going? Chris Barrow (née Barrow) "We went to see the Temperance Seven at the Clay Pigeon at Eastcote."

Mike Donovan (née Donovan) "I recall seeing the Temperance Seven, but the Clay Pigeon at Eastcote had disappeared from by consciousness, although I can remember the place now. Also, all three cars must have got there OK."

So, 2 questions remain (apart from "Who remembers Captain Cephus Howard").

Who is the guy next to Dick Meades?

'What happened to your bowler hat', John?
I remember it turning up to a number of parties

Terry Chisman.

Then, aged about 17 I would guess.

Now, age not disclosed (but the same age as you if you are from Preston Manor) at work on my farm in my retirement.

Finally, with Liz and our daughter Vicki, as Liz would like me to be more often. (This one consigned to the "Fat Chance" file.)

Dick Meades and his wife Maria.

Taken at their home in Montreal in the summer of 2002, when we visited them as part of our 25th wedding celebration.

John Craig and his wife Rita.

Again, taken at Dick Meades home in Montreal in the summer of 2002.

Rita Morgan, now Rita Sullivan, taken at their home when we met them in 2000.

Rita and Sandy at my recent 60th celebrations.

Jean Hunt, now Jean Crisp is behind them. Also see below.

Jean Crisp (née Hunt), with her husband Dave when they visited us in 2002.
Mike Donovan and his wife Gil, also taken at my 60 birthday bash in 2003.
In May 2005 we all got together for a weekend on the farm. The task for the 2 days was to demolish this shed. For more photos of this event, click here.